Women & Weights Health Coaching Academy

What Makes Women & Weights Health Coaching Academy Different?

This program goes beyond personal training to give women all the support needed to make lasting lifestyle change. One on one personal training only provides you contact with your trainer when you see them for a session. This is 2-3 hours in your entire week at best. This leaves you with hours upon hours outside of your training sessions without guidance or support.

Most personal trainers out there approach lifestyle change in a linear way. Eat this and don’t eat that. Move more and sit less. While proper nutrition and exercise are at the heart of making lasting lifestyle change, there is a big missing piece here.

The last 10+ years coaching women has shown me exactly what support is needed for women to be successful in their health goals. You don’t just need someone to show you how to exercise. You need someone to help you stop emotional eating, learn to build healthy habits, and build movement and exercise into your day to day life. Even when not feeling motivated. This program will teach you exactly how.

Habits & Behaviors

Habits and behaviours rule our lives.  This is why the other diets and workout plans haven’t worked for you yet. Without taking the time to really dig deep and understand WHY you do (or don’t) do the things you do, a life time of wellness stays out of reach. Learning your habits and behaviours is the foundation of Women & Weights Health Coaching Academy and once established we build on it to undo the ones that have been holding you back and create new ones that will FINALLY allow you to live the life of your dreams.

Who is Women & Weights Health Coaching Academy For?

This program is for a women who with proper guidance are motivated to complete workouts, at home, a gym or both. A woman who is sick of yo-yo dieting without any long term results, a woman who is ready to invest the time to properly learn about nutrition and exercise and apply those teachings to their life. This plan is for a woman who wants to gain control of her health once and for all. A woman who is both committed and excited to change her life for the better.

Chinwe helps you focus on actionable steps such as working out and creating simple nutrition changes that are easy to maintain. At Women & Weights Health Coaching Academy each woman’s personal goals are respected, while helping you achieve them in a healthy, positive and realistic way.

This method places a focus on getting active and understanding nutrition in a way that allows each woman to achieve their personal health and wellness goals without weigh ins, restricting food or obsessing over weight loss.

Take a Sneak Peek Inside the Women & Weights Health Coaching Academy with these Women & Weights Exercise Demos

How Does the Women & Weights Health Coaching Academy Work?

The Women & Weights Health Coaching Academy is 12 week health program delivered in a proven step by step method ↓

  1. . Initial nutrition assessment

    2. Initial fitness assessment

    3. Nutrition recommendations and training program prescribed, monitored and adapted over 12 weeks

    4. Monthly coaching call check-ins completed virtually

    5. Weekly email check-ins

    6. Weekly coaching calls on goals, motivation, nutrition and exercise topics to support women’s health

“My relationship with food is much better now than when I started the program”


“Starting to find some natural grooves, habits and routines to foster a healthy lifestyle. This makes me very happy”


“I’m learning to not eat supper at supper time if I’m actually not hungry for anything. Making sure I eat balanced throughout the days”



Hey Women & Weights Community Member! Coach Chinwe here. I remember the first time I realized I was unhappy with the way I ate and exercised. My introduction to fitness a good 15 years ago had a lot to do with this. There was such a focus on body composition over health. 

I wanted to figure out a way to eat balanced nutrition to support my health


enjoy all foods without feelings of guilt


move my body in a way that was balanced and that felt empowered

This is when I discovered some new (and life changing) concepts

  1. Intuitive Eating
  2. Weight training for women’s health
  3. Habits & Behaviours
I became curious about these concepts and changed the direction of my coaching methods. I am excited to share this with you through the Women & Weights Health Coaching Academy which is an online based coaching program that gives you absolutely every resource needed to finally become successful in understanding nutrition and exercise.

Chinwe is accepting clients for Women & Weights Online who are:


  • Open to being motivated to show up and give their best effort knowing that might look and feel different day to day
  • Enthusiastic about making a positive change in their life.
  • Have adequate exercise equipment/home gym or able to purchase equipment to workout at home
  • Seeking education/guidance, not just someone to give them a program to follow blindly
  • Coach-able! This means you ask questions but also trust the process
  • Ready to do the work to identify challenges and open to build out ways to overcome them
  • Understands that a life time of wellness takes time and is not looking for a quick fix

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