Community / Charity Events

Healthy Eating Active Living is now offering customized community guided workouts and nutrition education sessions. Connect with Chinwe to organize a community talk, group workout, nutrition education session or cooking class. Book an event for your community organization today!

Women & Weights Health Coaching Academy Meet Up

The next Women & Weights Health Coaching Academy Coffee Meet Up is in honour of 2024 International Women’s Day. We are meeting for a selfcare workshop to offer women practical and accessible strategies to recover from burnout and support their overall health. The workshop will highlight nutrition, exercise and mental health strategies that can be used to reduce daily stress, create improved work-life balance and improve mindset and overall mood. Participants will go through guided exercises and receive self care kits to take home.


Creating safe exercise spaces for the BIPOC community to use exercise as a method to cope and heal racialized community trauma


The EmpowHERment Boot Camp has a mission to build community support, create safe spaces for women to explore their physical abilities in the weight room; all while raising funds for women and girls in need. Since it’s creation in 2019 we have celebrated International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day and hosted a summer party and raised over $1,500 for women in our community.

Thank you to our sponsors who continue to support the work done through the EmpowHERment Boot Camp.