About Me

My name is Chinwe Asagwara, and I am a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I teach people how to become healthier and happier through exercise and nutrition. I want to promote healthy eating and active living as a way of life. Something that over time becomes effortless and natural. I want to provide my clients with nutrition knowledge that allows them to take control of their health and life. To provide them with the tools necessary to live a life of longevity and vitality.

My passion for food started in my mothers kitchen. I have memories of standing by her side watching her prepare meals for our family. The kitchen was her arena and she made some tasty things there. I began learning how to create delicious flavours with her by chopping onions when she cooked. Onions seemed to be a base for almost every savoury dish she created. I remember my mom giving myself and my siblings the task of making our own lunches in grade school and have memories of my sister and I fixing ourselves a snack after school. I’m thankful for these cooking skills I learnt at a young age. Rarely did we have anything pre made or packaged, rather pots and containers of rice, chicken, beans, vegetables and the like available in the fridge. Dessert was a rarity but homemade cookies, muffins and cornbread were treats we always looked forward to. 

My natural athletic side developed into a passion to teach others to exercises along with me. I have realized that exercise is not just getting to the gym an completing a workout. There is a lot of emotion attached to physical activity. I enjoy being a sound board for my clients, and a source of motivation. Check out the services page to see how I can do this for you. 

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