I have been working with Chinwe for over three years now and sincerely enjoy the way she pushes and encourages me! Over the years she has shared her knowledge and expertise in training, eating well and living a healthy balanced life style with me which has helped me change my life for the better. Her caring, committed and connected demeanor has encouraged me to push myself beyond what I knew I was capable off. Working with Chinwe has given me the ability to relax and enjoy my workouts knowing that she has my best interest in mind. As a result, this has made me stronger both mentally and physically. She has an uncanny way of making me want to be better and pushes me to get there.

– Lisa B.


Before training with Chinwe my workouts had plateaued, they had become very repetitive and I was experiencing joint and back pain. Since training with Chinwe she has shown me a different way to exercise to reach my specific goals which has given me fantastic results. I’m now working out pain free, getting gains in all my lifts, workouts are changing every 3 months so things are staying fresh, and I’m closer to my goals then I ever have been before. Chinwe has shown great communication skills, professionalism, and a willing to adapt to my specific needs/goals. I would recommend Chinwe to anyone looking for help training at any level of fitness.

– Rene D.


Before I started working with Chinwe my eating was driven by my emotions. For years I made many efforts to develop a healthier relationship with food, unfortunately without success. My eating was emotionally driven, and I knew I had to make a change. Chinwe created a nutrition plan that was tailored to my exercise goals and personal food preferences. I found that following a balanced nutrition plan helped me relearn how to think about food. I was able to eat foods I enjoyed without guilt, and learn how to make healthy food choices on my own. Chinwe also coached me through my training program, to a point where I was able to exercises confidently on my own. The ability to discipline myself in my workouts translated to my everyday life. I realized how strong I, both mentally and physically. I now know that I do not need to quit because something in my life becomes difficult. That is what Chinwe has taught me. I can tell Chinwe loves her job, and truly cares that her clients reach their goals. I’m so thankful to have her as my nutrition coach and personal trainer. 

– Jackie S.


I have been working with Chinwe for 8 months now and my experience has been terrific. At 39, I feel better than ever as my body continues to shape up. Thanks to her suggested meal-plans and exercise programs, I feel more energetic, alert, and positive with everything I do. Her combined knowledge of physical fitness and nutrition has helped me reach new heights in my abilities and well-being. Thank you so much Chinwe!

– Vincent H.


I’ve been working with Chinwe for personal fitness training since March 2014. I’m 46, with a sometimes crazy professional life; I also dance and choreograph East Indian dance in a small company. In the past, the collision of these forces resulted in frequent injuries and rehab. I’ve also recently explored an interest in learning aerial dance and rock climbing, both of which require upper body and core muscles I’ve never really possessed. Since I started working out with Chinwe, I’ve been able to build up my back and core strength – I feel an improvement with every session – and also boost my general fitness. Now I can rehearse difficult Bharatanatyam dance routines and pull off evening-long performances without risking injury, which at my age is great; my upper body strength is also starting to come into balance with my lower body.

Chinwe is particular about technique, and can focus her training toward my goals while not allowing me to get too used to any one routine. The regimen of meeting weekly for training encourages me to be accountable to myself; in fact it’s enforced a discipline in my other fitness activities, as I know I’ll be seeing Chinwe in a few days and want to make each session count! I’m also able to maintain a more steady level of cardio fitness, without waxing and waning. Taking on new challenges is no longer daunting; I feel eager to try new things, even if I happen to fall on my face a few times. This is where strong comes from.

– Shyamala D.

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