Food Freedom Group Coaching Program. The step by step method to stop emotional eating and heal your relationship with food 

Maybe you… 

Want to workout for your health not because you feel guilty about the food you ate the day before 


Maybe you… 

Want to know how to enjoy a meal away from home without it sabotaging your health goals 


Maybe you… 

Want to understand when you are hungry and be able to stop eating until you become uncomfortably full 


Maybe you… 

Want to finally have a summer where you trade feeling guilty about your food choices for knowing exactly what to eat for your health 


Maybe you… 

Want to finally be able to leave food behind on your plate when you took too much 


Maybe you… 

Want to finally stop coping with stress and negative emotions through food 

What if I told you it’s possible…

It’s possible to know exactly what to eat, without going on a diet.

It’s possible to improve your health, without hours and hours of exercise.

It’s possible to eat less fast food and plan and prepare meals that you enjoy.

Better yet? It’s possible to accomplish all this even when motivation is at zero.

I know you may have doubts… 

  • You have tried programs in the past and failed 
  • You’re busy and overworked and can’t imagine adding one more thing 
  • You just don’t like exercise 
  • You’ve been this way for so long you really wonder if change is possible 
  • You seem to restart on your health goals every Monday 
  • You hate the gym and traditional workout spaces
  • You binge eat at night and weekends and truly don’t believe you can stop 

Improving your health once and for all doesn’t have to be overwhelming or time consuming. You don’t even have to be motivated – EVER.

You simply need the right method that allows you to learn step by step to slowly, and comfortably change your habits and behaviors.

“Having a coach who truly cares about all aspects of my health check in and give me reminds has been extremely powerful. Chinwe has helped me stop “shoulding” myself both with food and exercise. Thank you so very much!”


My coaching clients felt the same way before learning my methods. After working with me their lives have changed.

“Before I started working with Chinwe, my eating was driven by my emotions. For years I made many efforts to develop a healthier relationship with food, unfortunately without success. My eating was emotionally driven, and I knew I had to make a change. Chinwe coached me through my nutrition and training program, to a point where I was able to exercise and make healthy food choices confidently on my own. I’m so thankful to have her as my nutrition coach and personal trainer”- 

Jackie S.

In the Women & Weights Health Coaching Academy you will learn specific strategies to allow you:

  • to stop emotional eating
  • become consistent with exercise
  • learn how to meal plan & prepare meals stress free

BONUS you will learn how to do all this zero motivation required – seriously!



Meet Your Coach

Hi I’m Coach Chi! I remember the first time I realized I was unhappy with the way I ate and exercised. My introduction to fitness a good 15 years ago had a lot to do with this. I wanted to figure out a way to eat balanced nutrition to support my health AND enjoy all foods without feelings of guilt AND move my body in a way that just felt good

This is when I discovered a new (and life changing) concept of habits & behaviours

I became curious, studied this concept and eventually built a method of coaching that I am 100% sure will give you absolutely everything you needed to FINALLY become successful in understanding nutrition and exercise, and ultimately change your life. 

Chinwe has been featured on and partnered with

Welcome to the Women & Weights Health Coaching Academy!

The step by step method to stop emotional eating and start living a healthy balanced life, without giving up the foods you love, zero motivation required! 

Here’s the thing. 

Most programs approach lifestyle change the completely wrong way. Eat this and don’t eat that. Move more and sit less. While proper nutrition and exercise are at the heart of making lasting lifestyle change, there is a BIG missing piece here. 

Habits and behaviors rule our lives.

Most coaches take an approach that completely ignores the power of habits and behaviors. This is why other diets and workout plans haven’t worked for you yet. It’s not because you are lazy or not committed. 

Without taking the time to really dig deep and understand WHY you do (or don’t) do the things you do, a lifetime of wellness stays out of reach. Women need to be shown the exact habits and behaviors that create lasting lifestyle change.

Understanding your habits and behaviors is the foundation of Women & Weights Health Coaching Academy.

Once established we build on it to undo the ones that have been holding you back and create new ones that will finally allow you to live the life of your dreams.

The best part of all – you never have to cut calories, restrict your diet, or take away the foods that you love.

“I tried different ways of being consistent with exercise in the past but had trouble staying consistent when working out on my own. I’d also been having a hard time finding a program with a community I felt comfortable with that also offered consistent opportunities to exercise. I’d only ever really found one or the other.”


By the end of this coaching program you will 

  • Trade yo-yo diets for knowing exactly what foods to eat for your health goals

  • Replace unused gym memberships with consistent forms of movement that fit your lifestyle

  • Know how to plan and prepare nutritionally balanced meals to support your health needs

  • Understand when you are full to stop overeating and create a better relationship with food

  • Create a new way of living that allows you to achieve your health goals even when life gets busy

  • Feel calm and in control of your eating habits even when life is chaotic

Chinwe helps you focus on actionable steps such as working out and creating simple nutrition changes that are easy to maintain. At Women & Weights we respect each woman’s personal goals and want to help you achieve them in a healthy, positive and realistic way. Our method places a focus on getting active and understanding nutrition in a way that allows each woman to achieve their personal health and wellness goals without weigh ins, restricting food or obsessing over weight loss. This program is for women who want to gain control of her health once and for all. Women who are both committed and excited to change her life for the better.

The Women & Weights Health Coaching Academy Is for Women who are… 

  • Open to being motivated to show up and give their best effort knowing that might look and feel different day to day
  • Enthusiastic about making a positive change in their life.
  • Have adequate exercise equipment/home gym or able to purchase equipment to workout at home
  • Seeking education/guidance, not just someone to give them a program to follow blindly
  • Coach-able! This means you ask questions but also trust the process
  • Ready to do the work to identify challenges and open to build out ways to overcome them
  • Understands that a lifetime of wellness takes time and is not looking for a quick fix


Q. Will I get a meal plan?

A. This program provides nutrition education and meal plan coaching so you learn how to confidently plan, shop for and prepare meals. In my 10+ years coaching women, the ones that are successful in changing their eating behaviours are the ones who learn about nutrition (macronutrients, protein needs, fiber needs, proper hydration and portions etc.) rather than blindly following a meal plan. 

Q. When do I get my nutrition plan and training program?

A. You will receive your initial nutrition recommendations at the end of your initial nutrition assessment, and your first training program the Monday following your fitness assessment.

Q.What equipment do I need if I want to workout at home?

A. 1 set of dumbbells or resistance bands to start, and work up to 3 sets of dumbbells (light, moderate, heavy), long and short bands, and optional stability ball.

Q. Do I get personal training sessions with this program?

A. This is a health coaching program, not one-on-one personal training. You will receive exercise video demonstrations for all your workouts. An initial training program review session can be booked for additional support here.

Q. How will I get the information and resources after I sign up? 

As soon as you check out, you’ll get an email (check your junk mail) to complete your consultation form and create your profile. You’ll create your own login to Trainerize so that you can access the program and resources at any time.

Q. What payment options do you offer?

A. For the best deal, payment in full is recommended. Payment is via credit card.  You can also access a payment plan here.

Q. Do you offer refunds?

A. Due to receiving the majority of program resources and information at the start of the program, refunds are not offered after 2 weeks of the programs start. Any refund issued is subject to a fee of 30%

Q. Can I use my insurance/health benefits for this program?

A. Many insurance providers offer coverage for Registered Dietitian services, some for health, fitness or wellness services. Some providers may require a medical prescription prior to starting this service. The client is responsible for checking with their insurance provider what requirements are needed (ex.medical prescription) to be able to claim this group health coaching package under their insurance plan.Receipts for individual sessions nutrition, individual fitness sessions and group coaching call sessions can be provided upon request by emailing


What Past Clients Have to Say

“My relationship with food is much better than when I started the program and I am noticing a change in my body and feel strong. Becoming part of this group has been a very positive experience, I look forward to each workout and the new exercises and challenges with them”

K. W.

Major improvements with my hip and back pain and remembering to put myself on the list.

J. F

Outside of Women & Weights my mood and mental health have been extremely poor. Chi helped a ton, giving me some honest observations and permission to rest. She really helped me take guilt and shame out of the equation, both in exercise and especially nutrition.

I not only sleep better after being tuckered out by a good workout but noticed that the benefits lasts throughout the entire week, with more restful and longer sleep.


Seeing body changes, gaining confidence, feeling stronger

Not only was I consistent with the workouts but I also added other regular forms of exercise and most excitingly view myself as an active person now rather than someone trying to get active.

Have questions about the program? Drop them here!