Women & Weights Fall Fitness Challenge

The Women & Weights Fitness Challenge

This is a 2 week fitness & nutrition challenge designed to address the real reasons why women struggle to be consistent in exercise and find balance in their nutrition. It is not because you don’t have a desire to exercise for your health. It’s because you struggle with finding motivation which leads to inconsistency in your workouts. It”s not because you don’t have an idea how your nutrition can be improved. It’s because you’re not sure where to start to change it.
You are not alone!
This challenge will show you the right things to focus on to finally see lasting change.

The Mistake You Are Making That Keeps You Stuck

As a former national level bodybuilder with 10+ years experience coaching women to become consistent with exercise and find balance in their health, I’ve seen women make the same mistake over and over again.
Thinking that health is determined by body size, completing hours and hours of cardio based workouts, drastically reducing calories so low they end up in extreme hunger that eventually, without fail leads to a binge eating episode.
What most women don’t know is that hours of cardio while drastically reducing caloric intake will increasing hunger hormones. This creates a scenario where it is impossible to avoid a binge eating episode.
Cardio based workouts that are balanced with strength training, support bone density, preserve your muscle.
This is the foundation of women’s health.

How Does This Challenge Work?

When you sign up for this challenge you gain exclusive access to the three part Women & Weights online coaching program.

  1. Live classes coached by Chinwe via Zoom video call on Monday, Wednesday and alt. Fridays at 6:30PM CST
  2. Access to the video on demand workout library for the times life gets busy and you miss a live workout. In addition your client profile is where you can access a library of resources to help you achieve your exercise goals.
  3. The group nutrition coaching program resources such as cooking tutorials, meal prep guides, grocery shopping hacks and more!

Who Is This Challenge For?

All fitness levels who are looking to establish a fitness routine, receive support, motivation and accountability, build strength, build muscle, improve body image, improve blood sugar levels, reduce resting heart rate, lower high blood pressure, find a community of support


What Makes This Challenge Different?

Here’s the thing. Most coaches and programs approach lifestyle change the completely wrong way. Eat this and don’t eat that. Move more and sit less. While proper nutrition and exercise are at the heart of making lasting lifestyle change, there is a BIG missing piece here. Habits and behaviors rule our lives. Most coaches take an approach that completely ignores the power of habits and behaviors.  This is why other diets and workout plans haven’t worked for you yet. Without taking the time to really dig deep and understand WHY you do (or don’t) do the things you do, a life time of wellness stays out of reach. Women need to be shown the exact habits and behaviours that create lasting lifestyle change.

What Does This Challenge Provide?

Learning your habits and behaviours is the foundation of the Women & Weights Fitness Challenge. Once established we build on it to undo the ones that have been holding you back and create new ones that will finally allow you to live the life of your dreamsIn this challenge, you’ll be doing workouts that will build muscle, participate in coaching calls where you learn about nutrition and healthy eating. The best part of all – you never have to cut calories, restrict your diet, or take away the foods that you love. 

What Equipment Do I need to Participate?

This challenge can be done anywhere! Whether you workout at home, the gym or outside, you can complete this challenge. Fitness equipment needed for workouts will be a yoga mat/towel, light – medium dumbbells or resistance bands

Is there fee to Participate?

There is a $19.95 commitment fee for this challenge. This challenge has the potential to change your life, if done in the right way. Signing up for a free challenge does not create a commitment to the challenge or yourself. How many free meal plans, workout guides, 5 step methods and more have you downloaded/signed up for and never used. There is a reason for this. By investing $19.95 into this challenge your are levelling up and saying YOU are worth the investment. This is when you shift from passively going through life to deciding to show up for yourself. This is the level of commitment needed for you to get the most out of this 2 week challenge.

How Do You Sign Up?

Simply click the link below and enrol in the challenge. Once you have signed up check your junk mail (your welcome email may end up here), then simply follow the steps to complete your client profile. Mark emails from Healthy Eating Active Living <noreply@trainerize.com as safe to make sure you get all the challenge updates in your inbox.




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