Women & Weights 14 Day Summer Fitness Challenge

The 14 Day Summer Fitness Challenge

This is a free 14 day fitness & nutrition challenge is designed to address the real reasons why women struggle to get active, stay active and find balance in their nutrition. It is not because you haven’t found the right workout plan. It’s because you struggle with finding motivation which leads to inconsistency in your workouts. It”s not because you don’t know where your nutrition can be improved, it’s because you’re not sure where to start to change it.  You are not alone! This challenge will show you the right things to focus on to finally see lasting change.
Who is Women & Weights 14 Day Summer Fitness Challenge for?

ALL FITNESS LEVELS who are looking to:

  • establish a fitness routine
  • receive support, motivation and accountability
  • build strength
  • build muscle
  • improve body image
  • improve blood sugar levels
  • reduce resting heart rate
  • lower high blood pressure
  • find a community of support 
What Makes This Fitness Challenge Different?
This fitness & nutrition challenge consists of a variety of habits and behaviours that will help you create a foundation required to get active and stay active beyond the 14 day challenge. You can’t go wrong joining this FREE challenge!

What the Women are saying about Online Women & Weights Small Group Training


“That was such a fun and challenging workout! Thanks for the great feedback throughout”.
– Alex. F

“Thank you for the amazing workout! I am thankful I stumbled upon you! Your instruction overall was amazing and you were very interactive”
– Kelly. K

“That workout was exactly what I needed, thanks so much!”
– Katie. D

“Definitely a workout that got me out of my funk, thank you so much for the opportunity to join in on your first virtual class!”
– Lyn. G

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