Healthy Eating

My passion for food started in my mothers kitchen. I have memories of standing by her side watching her prepare meals for our family. The kitchen was her arena and she made some tasty things there. I began learning how to create delicious flavours with her by chopping onions when she cooked. Onions seemed to be a base for almost every savoury dish she created. I remember my mom giving myself and my siblings the task of making our own lunches in grade school and have memories of my sister and I fixing ourselves a snack after school. I’m thankful for these cooking skills I learnt at a young age. Rarely did we have anything pre made or packaged, rather pots and containers of rice, chicken, beans, vegetables and the like available in the fridge. Dessert was a rarity but homemade cookies, muffins and cornbread were treats we always looked forward to.

Nutrition Coaching Services

Many insurance plans cover dietitian services, check with your provider for the exact percentage and amount.

Why See a Registered Dietitian?

Between what you hear on TV and read in the news, eating right can seem like a real challenge. It doesn’t have to be! A Registered Dietitian can work with you to develop a safe and realistic eating plan that you can stick with for the long haul.
Chinwe can help you navigate through:
  • Non-insulin diabetes management
  • High blood pressure
  • Pre and post natal nutrition
  • Emotional eating/binge eating
  • Individual or couple meal planning
  • Creating a balanced diet
  • Nutrition for the female exerciser

After over 10 years of supporting people to making lasting food and nutrition changes Chinwe knows that on-going nutrition coaching is what works. You will start with a goal setting session that allows you to get clear on your nutrition goals. Then Chinwe provides the tools and resources to make achieving your goals easy. You nutrition coaching package provides 4 one-hour sessions.

NOTE: DO NOT SUBMIT THE INVOICE RECEIPT YOU RECEIVE FROM PURCHASING YOUR NUTRITION PACKAGE TO YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY FOR REIMBURSEMENT. THEY WILL REJECT IT. A receipt is provided after each nutrition session to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.